About Us

Discount Auto has been around for a little over 28 years. They have always been located in Salt Lake City, Utah.
With that much experience, they are sure you will have a great experience if you chose to do business with them.

Discount Auto specializes in the following:

  • Car Rentals in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Full Service Auto Repairs
  • Car Sales

The Holbrooks started Discount Auto in 1988, however, it was named EuroTech at that time. They specialize in the following areas:

  • Car Maintenance
  • Break Services
  • Transmissions
  • Engine Services
  • Suspension Services

Their goal was accomplished ever since that first day they opened up shop.

The Family

West and Cindy Holbrook have Five children. Four boys and a girl. Brandon, Darin, Jared, Tyler, and Sharlissa. All of their children have worked for the family business at one point. Brandon is the oldest, then Darin is only a year younger. They are both married, and also live in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Jared and Tyler Holbrook are about to leave Salt Lake for a service mission for their church. They plan on being gone for 2 years.
Sharlissa is the youngest and currently working as a car rental agent for her mother and father.

The Holbrooks come from a long line of business owners. West and Cindy have been very successful in helping this small business grow into one of the largest privately owned auto repair shop and car rental agency.
Discount Auto will be happy to serve you with a smile. As cheesy as that sounds, they are always happy and energetic to help people. It’s been a wonderful 22 years, and they look forward to the future, and hope you will chose them for all your auto needs.

Thank You!
The Holbrook Family