Car Rentals

Weather you're planning a trip to Salt Lake City or you live here in Salt Lake City, you will need to rent a car at one point. Public transportation is hard to get organized and slow, and trying to find families or friends to drive you around is a burden to both them and you. Why not just rent a car? We have cars that start at a LOW PRICE of $19.99 per day. Give us a call and book your car right now.

Toll Free: 801-281-8500

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We don't have a fancy online car rental booking tool. We don't have a complicated computer system that will tell you we have a car if we don't. We want you to give us a call. It's the fastest way to get on the same page. We want to make sure you understand all the details before you plan to do business with us. There is no such thing as "small print" when you're talking with a specialist on the phone.

Other Car Rental Agencies in Salt Lake City

Be careful when you're searching for car rental prices online.
Here are some things to watch our for.

  • Their advertised price is usually their introductory price. When you actually get there to rent the car, the price will suddenly increase cause of extra "fees".
  • Most other companies will not rent to underage renters (under 25) or cash deposit renters. We do!
  • Most car rental agencies in Salt Lake City do not accept debit cards. We do!
  • Most people that need a car rental in Salt Lake City rent from the airport agencies. They charge %29 tax on top of all their rentals! Outrageous!
  • Discount Rent a Car is the easiest car renal agency in Salt Lake City to deal with. We want your business!